Here’s what Booksmart gets right about LGBT representation

The National Student

“Dude, scissoring is not a thing.”

One of the first conversations we hear between Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) in Olivia Wilde’s debut feature Booksmart is about lesbian sex. The two best friends are eating lunch outside their high school cafeteria in the Californian sunshine, on their last day of senior year.  

There’s no announcement or corny exposition; Amy is just a teenager with a crush, and that crush happens to be on a girl. 

Amy has a storyline that differs from other lesbian characters in mainstream teen movies. Her story is not focussed on coming out – she has already been out for two years – and her sexuality is never a punchline. The film also doesn’t ‘bury its gays’ – that is, it doesn’t indulge in cheap tragedy, as so many movies about young LGBT people tend to do. 

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