Daisy Earl: ‘Drunk me was much less present than sober me’

The National Student

Daisy Earl is really excited about this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. It will be her first time doing a full hour set – she’s done 30 and 45 minute sets before, but an hour will let her really get her teeth into her material.

During this hour, she will delve into what it meant for her to turn 30. Daisy explains that she wasn’t happy with her life or her job when she reached this landmark birthday, two years ago. She was drinking a lot, single, and unhappy with her body. She made a list of things she wanted to change – get sober, get a boyfriend, lose weight (she’s “still trying with that last one,” she admits wryly). Her new show, entitled Fairy Elephant, is about what happened next (she likes to refer to herself as “plus-sized,” her mother likes to refer to her as a “fairy elephant”). Ultimately she wanted to “get happy”, which is something she thinks a lot of people can relate to.

Turning 30 has clearly been a pivotal point in her life, so I ask Daisy what she learnt from her 20s. “Absinthe is not my best friend,” she laughs. “Drinking is not the answer.”

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