‘The vinyl boom is possibly being overstated’: We catch up with Twickenham’s Eel Pie Records

South West Londoner

Last year saw a record number of vinyl sales in the UK.

4.3 million LPs were sold in 2019, the largest number of UK sales this century and a 4.1% increase on the previous year.

This was the twelfth consecutive year of vinyl sales growth, with vinyl sales accounting for one in every eight album sales in the UK across digital and physical formats.

Phil Penman, co-owner of Eel Pie Records in Church Street, Twickenham, said: “I think the vinyl boom is possibly being overstated to a degree.”

He added: “Our customer base continues to grow. More and more people are coming in every day, discovering us as a place to buy records.

“A lot of that is due to us being a new shop. In terms of the actual growth in sales, I think it’s much more marginal than that.”

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