The Midnight Sky cast talk us through the “extraordinarily relevant” space movie


The Midnight Sky may be one of the most relevant movies Netflix has ever released. It follows terminally ill scientist Augustine (George Clooney) as he races to stop the crew of a spaceship from returning to Earth, the planet having been ravaged following a mysterious global catastrophe. Augustine’s alone at his Arctic base – until he discovers that a six-year-old girl, Iris, played by newcomer Caoilinn Springall, has been seemingly left behind following evacuation efforts.

“After we finished shooting, the pandemic came around,” Clooney, who also directs, says while discussing The Midnight Sky at a press conference with GamesRadar+. “And it became clear that what the story really was enveloping was our desperate need to be home and our desperate need to be close to the people we love and in communication with the people we love and near them, and how difficult that struggle is to communicate with one another. Like we’re doing now in the weirdest possible press conference I think we’ve ever done.”

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